Bernina Collaboration

Many thanks to the nice people at BERNINA of America, who featured me as one of their experts on their website for three years.

During that time, BERNINA of America loaned me a B 560 and accessories to assist with my fashion history garment reconstructions. (Readers have gotten to know the machine as “Karl.”) I provided projects and articles to, and featured the machine on social media.

When the time came for Karl, my “Swiss Intern,” to return to the company, I decided I couldn’t live without him, so I purchased the equipment and became the proud owner of a BERNINA! Now Karl is my “work husband.”

BERNINA is family company with a legendary reputation for product quality and technical innovation, as well as a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. I’m very pleased to continue to partner with them on my reconstruction projects, and to remain one of their ambassadors.

In 2017, another machine joined the JetSetSewing team, when I purchased a B 215 to be my travel machine. This machine, “Coco,” had a starring role in the fashion history workshops I led at the Museum of Modern Art.

My thanks again to BERNINA of America for all of their support of my research projects. I couldn’t do it without you!

And just FYI, though you may see links and product suggestions on Jet Set Sewing, other than the Bernina Collaboration, this blog does not have advertisers or affiliates. Any other promotional arrangement will be explained in the individual posts.