Welcome! I’m Julie Eilber of Jet Set Sewing.

I started sewing at age 8 in the school of “sewing in the basement with Mom.” For almost twenty years, sewing was a constant and favorite hobby; starting with “Learn to Sew” patterns and graduating to designer patterns by Betsey Johnson, Anne Klein, and Halston in my 20s.

During college, I was part of the emerging “Cheap Chic” vintage movement, and could be seen walking around the University of Wisconsin in a 50s swing coat when the other kids were wearing down puffer vests.

In my 30s, I wrote professionally and was a television producer, as well as a mother and stepmother, leaving me little time to sew. I started collecting vintage designer clothing by Jean Patou, Nina Ricci, Jacques Heim, and other 50s/60s designers, and researched 20th century fashion.

In the past decade I embraced sewing again, and shifted my professional writing focus to fashion history. I began collecting and sewing up vintage designer patterns from the 1920s to the 70s, by Chanel, Charles James, Madeleine Vionnet, Schiaparelli, Edith Head, and other watershed designers.

I’m currently at work on a biography of legendary midcentury designer Claire McCardell, which will include functional sewing patterns of her designs. In 2017, my reconstruction work was featured on the Museum of Modern Art’s website, and I led several fashion history workshops for them.

I started Jet Set Sewing as a place to combine my love of writing, sewing, vintage fashion, travel, (and fabric shopping, of course)! I picked the name Jet Set Sewing to evoke the midcentury era of high-flying fashion and streamlined design (and because I didn’t think “Rat Pack Sewing” would give it that same Ring-a-Ding-Ding, if you know what I mean).

Hope you enjoy your visit!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh my gosh, sign me up! I could read your posts all day long!…..except then I wouldn’t be sewing. Love your style and sense of humor and so excited to find someone who doesn’t have a PC stamp on her forehead. It took me a while (I must have been in denial) but I finally realized that I hate shopping for clothes! Either the styles don’t work with my figure or the colors don’t suit me or I just plain don’t like them. After years of home dec sewing and more Roman shades than I can count I’ve decided to return to clothing. When the kids were little I made most of our clothing right up until my youngest daughter started college. I think it was the last couple of formals that did me in. I feel like I’ve been away forever and have forgotten everything I ever knew about clothing construction but I’m excited to be back and so happy to have found you! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Darlene Serbu

    • Thank you, Darlene, and welcome back to the club! You’ll find a lot of new and returning sewing people all the internet now. It’s a fun time to sew! There’s a lot of action on Instagram as well.

  2. This is an amazing project. I have found out about Claire McCardell today because of the internet. I have also found out about your excellent project. Thank you for the inspiration! I will follow you!

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