Balenciaga Museum Presentation

Hello my friends! Did you think I’d forgotten about you? That’s what Karl’s been thinking!

During most of the summer I was busy writing an article to present at a conference about the couturier Cristobal Balenciaga, which was presented by the Balenciaga museum in Getaria, Spain, on Thursday, Oct. 1.

The article is called “Balenciaga and the American Fashion Editors who Shared his Private World: Bettina Ballard, Carmel Snow, and Diana Vreeland.” And if you know me, it’s a safe bet that–even though it’s a serious fashion history article with tons of footnotes–there was plenty of gossip in it.

When I was selected in January, I thought I’d be in Spain’s Basque country for conference, enjoying a glass of wine in a little cafe on the Atlantic coast and getting ready for my presentation.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the presentations were moved online, so I was sitting at home in Boston in my Zoom socks, thinking about getting some wine from the fridge.

The upside is that the recording of the entire conference is now being offered on YouTube for free. My presentation can be found on the Thursday’s recording, about one hour and 22 minutes from the beginning.

Here’s the link for the recording of the conference on Thursday:

The conference continued on Friday, Oct. 2nd, and here’s the link for that day:

I was thrilled to be a part of it, and really enjoyed researching the three remarkable American fashion editors in the article. It was a fun ride, and the other speakers were fantastic. The whole conference is worth a look.

Now I’m very excited to get back to sewing. I don’t know if Karl is still speaking to me after all of the time I’ve spent cozying up to my computer!

Hope your sewing is going well!

21 thoughts on “Balenciaga Museum Presentation

  1. Thank you for the invitation! It sounds like it will be an extremely informative event. It was also good to hear from you — I thought you had “gone dark.”

  2. Hi Julie!

      I am so excited for you!! This has been on my calendar for weeks now; since you announced the virtual option on Instagram.  No doubt you are a nervous wreck!  According to the Stoics, hope and fear are the same.  In that spirit, I hope that you are imagining all of the good that will come. Best,Hilarie

  3. Many thanks, Julie! And best of luck on your presentation. You will be great. And then there’s the wine.


    Julia Schaeffer 50 Citizens Way #605 Frederick, MD 21701 240-651-0557 (H) 301-787-4878 (C)


  4. So nice to hear from you Julie and what an exciting sounding project to be involved with! I will be teaching a sewing class while you hold forth but hoping to catch you later on. All the best, knock-em-dead!

    Anne Kendall


  5. Thank god it’s going to be up for a few days. I am very excited for you about this, I signed up a decade ago, before I had a job. I am going to sneak my headphones in to work, hide them in a scarf around my neck, and hope the boss doesn’t come by my desk then (she doesn’t come in that early…or WILL SHE?).
    It will be a very chic scarf, in your honor.

  6. Julie: I can’t wait to tune in on your presentation. So proud of you and amazed at what you are doing with your passion.

  7. Remember your voice work (you did do some voice work?) and do those humming, bubbling exercises whilst gargling your vino of the day. Break a leg, Lovely!!! Will be watching live, or dealing with the cable guy & watching later. Vaya con Dios y vivo Balenciaga, chica! Mwah! Mwah!

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